The Delmontes

Songs They Never Play on the Radio (broadcast #2): 'Love In a Guillotine' - The Delmontes

Formed in Edinburgh in 1979, The Delmontes only released two singles through Rational Records before splitting up three years later. The band boasted a sound that consciously  looked at the past (Nuggets-style garage rock, 60s psychedelia) and yet also was rooted in the more restrained minimalism of some of their contemporaries (The Teardrop Explodes, Young Marble Giants),  The songs are surprisingly infectious; vocalist Julie Hepburn's lyrics are darkly intelligent. The Delmontes were briefly signed to WEA before they disbanded - they never got their due. Drummer Bernice Simpson went on to join The Pastels.                                                                                                                                         

Fortunately, the ever- wonderful LTM has managed to put together a comprehensive compilation, Carousel, which contains many gems like Love In Guillotine, Tous Le Soirs and Don't Cry Your Tears. Go buy. Now.