HTB - 'Brid' / SAVAGES NYC [Nathan Corbin]

Everyone knows that Savages are the most exciting band in Britain, and with little more than a 7", a live EP and a string of coruscating live performances (including an appearance on Later...with Jools Holland) to their name. They've just announced a short UK tour for May here. SAVAGES' superlative label, Pop Noire, has also announced the debut release from HTB

"HTB is an improvisation trio by Johnny Hostile, Gemma Thompson and Jehnny Beth. Each piece of music is recorded with the members performing simultaneously in three separate rooms – Hostile and Thompson creating the natural soundtrack to Beth’s spoken words. In this context, the musicians only rely on what they hear and react to one another spontaneously.  Each track was left exactly as it was performed. Gemma Thompson and Jehnny Beth are also members of the London quartet ‘SAVAGES‘. Johnny Hostile is a musician and producer who previously worked on  LESCOPSAVAGES and John & Jehn albums. Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile are co-founders of Pop Noire records."

To promote the forthcoming release a video of SAVAGES first trip to New York City, shot by Nathan Corbin, has been posted on YouTube. HTB's disorientating and atonal Brid contrasts with imagery from the shows with haunting results. All of Pop Noire's output thus far has been impeccable - HTB certainly look likely to follow suit. They play their debut gig on 27 March at Corsica Studios. As for SAVAGES... Well, we'll see you down the front at the Glasgow gig on 2 May.