Captured Tracks

Bona Dish - 'Zaragoza Tapes 1981-1982'

We're a little late to this (uh, three months) but it's too great to let it slip your attention. On a recent trip to London, Blasted finally got its sticky mits on the wonderful Captured Tracks excellent compilation of the enigmatic Bona Dish's entire recorded output. The label put it aptly thus: "Collected here is a rediscovered gem showcasing the zest and spontaneity that gripped the UK DiY scene of the time, standing up to their contemporaries like Television Personalities, The Homosexuals and Marine Girls... Bona Dish’s avowedly DIY aesthetic was coupled with a genuine pop flair, and songs like ’8am’ stand comparison with the very best independent music of the era."

You can stream the record below but you could do far worse than to pick the real thing from your local (or not, as the case may be) recorded-music-plastic-disc emporium.

Image courtesy of Captured Tracks.

Image courtesy of Captured Tracks.

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