FOUND + Aidan Moffat + King Creosote - FREE Gig in Edinburgh this Thursday

Tomorrow (21 March), not one but three of Scotland's finest artists will grace the stage at The Caves. FOUND and "Falkirk's answer to Barry White" (not our words - FOUND's Ziggy Campbell there, although he does have a point), Mr Aidan John Moffat, have previously collaborated on the experimental #UNRAVEL project (video below) and the latter has just released a new album in his L. Pierre guise, so who knows what could happen. King Creosote is of course the fine purveyor of his own brand of pop-infused folk (or should that be folk-infused pop?) and head honcho of Anstruther's Fence Records. Not only that but it's free, with entry on a first-come-first-served basis, so there are no excuses really. Check it out.